Who is Janay?

Janay McDonald Wilborn is a creative and dynamic speaker who combines humor with biblical truth in her unique speaking style. 

With a masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Christian Education, Janay combines the theology and bible training she received with her own real life experience.  Having spent over seven years on a church staff working with women, singles, young adults, and students, Janay has the ability to speak to a variety of audiences in a relatable way. 

Janay's own life experience gives her first hand perspective on a variety of challenging and difficult subjects that many of us face.  Just a few topics she loves taking on are: seeking God, single life, marriage, young motherhood, abortion recovery, miscarriage & infertility, and grief & death. 

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More about Janay


Born in Texas, raised in the Lone Star State, overseas, and on the east coast, Janay went from small city to big world view at a young age.  She pursued her interests in theater, dance, and academics throughout her childhood and teenage years.  The youngest of two sisters, Janay was raised in a close knit family and exposed to Christ at an early age, although she did not accept what He was offering in those years. 


Janay took her interests to Baylor University where she received a BA in English Lit, made some life long friends, and slept in on Sundays (just keeping it real y'all).  After graduating she moved to Houston to "pursue life" and established a great career path.  However, it was at the age of 25 that she came to realize all of her choices were leading her in the worst direction, and she gave her life to Christ.  She began to study the Bible and serve in the student ministry of her church, while being mentored by devoted young Christians.  In 2002, she followed the call on her life to pursue ministry and moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. 


Janay graduated with an MA in Christian Education in 2005 and immediately joined the staff of Fellowship Church under the leadership and direction of Ed & Lisa Young.  There she discovered and developed her God-given gifts of speaking and teaching while leading in singles, young adult, and women's ministries.  Janay was blessed to serve on the staff for seven years, and while she was there she finally was found by her husband Maurice Wilborn.  In 2012 she stepped out of her staff role and began to speak full time, with a couple of timeouts to give birth to her two children.  Janay & her family currently reside in Dallas.

Mailing Address

Janay McDonald Wilborn

PO Box 803033

Dallas, TX 75380


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